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Healing recieved for back ache

Mei Lan was pleasantly surprised when a word of knowledge was released that God wants to heal people with back ache.  She was so sure that she is to be healed,and quickly came forward to let Pastor Kristy minister to her.  She told Jin Ming that while she was being prayed over, she was feeling […]

Growth Near Rib Area Soften

We did not know that our sighted volunteer, Jin Ming had a growth on her right rib that was quite hard, and was increasing in size.  Pastor Kristy Lim prayed for her, and she noticed that the growth has shrunk, and is not so hard now.

Weakness in leg left completely

On 12th March, Ng Hun Chiew came with stroke symptoms; the right side of his body was extremely weak.  Our team prayed for him, and he felt slightly better.  Our staff advised him to go and see a doctor.  He is taking medication, and was still feeling weak in his leg.  After receiving prayer ministry […]

Healing Received For Serious Indigestion

Choon Lee was suffering from serious indigestion and discomfort for the past few months.  He had consulted the doctor, and in spite of taking medication, he came with much discomfort on 9th April.  He did not know who prayed for him.  He was so amazed that the lady did not ask him anything, and yet […]

Healing received for pain near jaw and neck area

Our staff, ShanRong came on Saturday with much pain in her left ear near the jaw and neck area.  Although no one laid hands on her to pray with her, she laid hands on herself and received the healing.  At the end of the morning  session, the pain totally disappeared.

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you

“Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” – 1 Peter 5:7 In 2007, I was promoted to Secondary one in a sighted school. I have to cope with a new environment, new friends and many new subjects. It was extremely tough to be the only blind student in the class. I […]

Praise Our Lord Jesus!

On 27th Oct. 09, an elderly visually handicapped lady, Fong Lian, called to inform us that she was told by the nurse that her partially blind brother, Ong Seng would die any minute because of a heart problem. She was extremely stressed by this bad news, and said that she would rather die with him. […]

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever

During our fasting/prayer meeting on 31st Oct. 09, Siew Im shared how the Lord healed her of a severe problem in her ear. In October 09 she noticed that she was unable to hear properly, and was tormented by very loud pounding noises even when she was in a quiet place. And when people speak […]