Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever

During our fasting/prayer meeting on 31st Oct. 09, Siew Im shared how the Lord healed her of a severe problem in her ear. In October 09 she noticed that she was unable to hear properly, and was tormented by very loud pounding noises even when she was in a quiet place. And when people speak to her she could only hear noises and echoes instead of intelligible words.

So she went to an ENT specialist, who prescribed some medication. After taking the medicine for two weeks, there was no improvement. Her friends told her that this is part and parcel of growing old, and that she would have to live with that problem for the rest of her life.

She decided to bring the problem to the Lord, and told Him that she cannot afford to lose her hearing after losing her sight. She stopped her medication and claimed the promise that by the stripes which Jesus suffered, she is healed. And to her joy, the hearing problem disappeared completely after two days. Praise be to the Lord.

Geh Siew Im